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I live and write out of Victoria, Canada. I've been writing consistently since 2018, mostly dark humour, autobiographical or speculative short fiction, after working many years as the teacher at a Forensic Psychiatric Hospital. Over eighty stories have been published in literary and other magazines and webzines, mostly in the U.K., U. S. A., and Canada. Links to my music videos are included on the blog.

Literary Magazine and Webzine Publications 2019

1.  "The Screaming Pool" in Bewildering Stories"  April 2019 http://www.bewilderingstories.com/issue809/screaming_pool.html

2.  "The Ancient Science of Soul Travel" in Fiction on the Web U. K. April 2019 https://www.fictionontheweb.co.uk/2019/04/the-ancient-science-of-soul-travel-by.html

3.  "The Soul Lift Blues" in Freedom Fiction May 2019 https://www.freedomfiction.com/2019/05/the-soul-lift-blues-by-harrison-kim/

4.  "A Major Error In Judgement" in Literally Stories June 13,2019 https://literallystories2014.com/2019/06/13/a-major-error-in-judgement-by-harrison-kim/

5.  "What I Did Not Become" in Freedom Fiction July 2019 https://www.freedomfiction.com/2019/07/what-i-did-not-become-by-harrison-kim/ 

6. "Chess With Al" in Literally Stories July 11, 2019 
7.  "The Boys On The Bridge" in The Writers' Magazine August 2019  (Print Edition)

8.  "The Tarantula Cure" in Bewildering Stories August 2019

9.  "Telling The Truth" in Fiction on the Web U. K. August 30, 2019

10.  "When Normal Becomes Real" in Literally Stories September 5, 2019

11.  "This Is What I Own" in Gone Lawn Literary Magazine September 21, 2019


12.  "East of Durango" in The Writers' Magazine September 2019  (Print Edition)

13.  "The Windega" in Aphelion Science Fiction and Fantasy Webzine October 2019

14.  "Dichotomies" in "The Writers' Magazine" October 2019 (Print Edition)

15.  "The Upside Down Push  Up Busker in "Literally Stories" October 18, 2019

 16.  "The Street Charity League" at "Piker Press" October 21, 2019

17.  "The Future Vault" at "Freedom Fiction"  October 25, 2019 http://www.freedomfiction.com/2019/10/the-future-vault-by-harrison-kim/

18.  "Beware the Owl Serpent" at "Terror House Magazine" October 31, 2019

19.  "Someone Is Staring At Me" at "The Writers' Magazine" November 2019 issue (Print Edition)

20.  "The Eater" at "The Piker Press"  November 11, 2019

21.  "Breakfast At The Hospital For The Criminally Insane," at "Literally Stories"  November 15, 2019.

22. "Cabron's Coup," at "Bewildering Stories,"  November 17, 2019 http://www.bewilderingstories.com/issue833/cabrons_coup.html

23. "Caught," at "Terror House Magazine"  November 21, 2019

24.  "The Betrayal of the Quilquen" at "Liquid Imagination"  November 29, 2019.

25.  "Wisikewena" at "Aphelion Science Fiction and Fantasy Webzine," December 1, 2019.

26.  "Deep Is The River" in "Island Writer," Volume 17, Issue 2, Winter 2019 (Print Edition).

27.  "The Unwanted Bond" in "Horla Horror Magazine" December 10, 2019
(Magazine now discontinued as of 2022)

28.  "The Caiman Hide Boots" in "Literally Stories,"  December 11, 2019

29. "A Writer's Stay In Victoria's Spectral Autumn," article published December 2019 in "Horla Horror Magazine."
(magazine now discontinued as of 2022)

30.  "The Problem With Adam," story in "The Piker Press," December 30, 2019

Literary Magazine and Webzine Publications 2020

1.  "For Saxon (And Josh)" published in "Spadina Literary Review," February 2020 edition. https://www.spadinaliteraryrev...